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Graphic Designer / Illustrator

My name is Jason and I've been operating the Adobe Software since I was a young teenager. Now in my 30's, I have built a foundation of skills based on graphic design, illustration, and more.


I am a mainly self-taught designer and artist however, I've learned through actual work experience and from those with greater knowledge and skills.


I strive to ensure that each customer and individual is satisfied with their product and will do anything to achieve so.

Through art, I'm able to express myself beyond words, human interaction, and politics. My art allows me to create and become whatever I'm feeling in that moment...and like with each new day, a new page allows me to create something new in hopes of learning from my mistakes and to keep improving.

Sam Brown Inhuman Character Concept [no

Sam Brown II

Creative Consultant / Brand Development Strategist

I am Sam, a visionary, able to see the end goal while simultaneously understanding where to start.


I have years of experience working with public figures in the entertainment sphere, helping them to build and maintain their brands.


After collegiate studies in music, film, and communications, I use a 360° approach to creative concepts and branding.


I nerd out on Neurology and understanding how the mind absorbs and shapes experiences. Let’s bring all of this energy to your next project.

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